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Think Maven Methodology


Think Maven is dedicated to developing next generation of leaders, who are inspired to create authentic influence and impact in the world. 

Our methodology empowers the client to lead in life from the inside-out. But, what does this mean exactly? 

We coach our clients to help them transcend their current way of being, by developing their internal world (i.e. mindset, personality structures, beliefs etc.) alongside his or her external world (i.e. company, culture, community etc.) to ensure there is integration and congruence with one other. 

The goal is to co-create personal leadership and a conscious personal brand strategy with the client so they can go on to positively impact the world around them, paving the way for future generations to come. 

Developmental Coaching


Clients interested in Developmental Coaching with Frances are carefully selected as spaces are limited each quarter. 

This is a fast and transformative method designed to get to the core of your struggle and enhance your personal leadership from the inside-out. We coach both to and beyond  performance by identifying the personality structures and ‘blind spots’ getting in the way of you accessing your highest potential. 

Grounded in NLP, developmental models & patterns, we explore and identify your thinking patterns, personality structures, belief systems and session by session work on integrating these into your life to equip you with the tools and techniques necessary for lasting positive transformation. 

Workshops, Events & Speaker Opportunities


Think Maven offers workplace workshops, conferences, independent events and panel/speaker opportunities. 

'Waking up to Purpose' is a workshops series co-hosted with Developmental Coach, Anita Tomecki across Australia & New Zealand. Each workshop is tailored to the audience & designed to equip 'leaders at all levels' with the tools and techniques necessary for positive transformation.

Those who attend our workshops, walk away with a deeper level of self-awareness, and the ability to take their self-leadership to the next level - at both work and within their personal lives. 


Philippa Atkinson, Owner MediaWorkshop


     The workshop presented a very accessible and highly relevant and relatable approach to tackling key issues that affect businesses today; stress and the overwhelming pressures to live to your full potential and balance career and family pressures. 

As a business owner, we’re always looking for opportunities for staff to develop both personally & professionally - this workshop addressed both. The workshop we attended focused on personal development and wellness, and this certainly had a positive impact on our team." 

Rosie Gregory - Wellness Influencer & Entrepreneur


 In working with Frances, I was able to effectively recognise my unique point of difference within my industry, gain greater ownership of my brand and realise the immense reach that is possible. Her methods assisted in allowing me to move past various, oftentimes self-imposed, limitations and unblock my wider potential, which has greatly shifted my approach in how I engage my business operations. Readily supported by leading industry experience, coaching sessions with Frances effectively equip you with not only this crucial understanding, but offer invaluable insight and guidance for actionable and practical strategies to implement – propelling you closer towards your entrepreneurial goals. Be prepared for many breakthrough “AHA!” moments! 

Olivia Hogan - Senior Consultant


If you want to take your life and career to the next level then Frances is your key to success! Frances has provided me with new insights, learnings and skills that have been invaluable in my development. I’ve had those ‘light bulb’ moments with Frances in both my personal and work life that I believe I never would have had without her and our coaching sessions.
After each session I’m left feeling inspired and empowered, which in turn has helped me kick further goals in my career.
I can not recommend Frances highly enough, you need to experience her and her work for yourself!

Think Maven Director & Chief Maven, Frances Wills

A self-confessed ‘personal development junkie’ since the age of 16, I’ve spent the majority of my personal and professional life working with industry pioneers and leaders to advance my knowledge and training in the field of human development and the science of the mind.

Following a decade-long award-winning career working with global technology disruptors, challenger brands and startups, I honed my B2B and B2C PR skills across the Tasman, building long-term influence for her clients within the media, their community and industry at large.

Turning my passion into a full-time profession, in 2017, I founded Think Maven.

Following formal NLP certification and Meta-Coach training, I now practice as an Executive Developmental Coach and Conscious Brand Strategist across the Tasman.

I work with 'leaders at all levels' who are ready to transcend their current way of being and advance their personal and professional development. 

Applying my proven methodology of ‘inside-out leadership’ I help my clients move beyond the status-quo, to access their leading edge in business and life.

I'm also incredibly passionate about mental health and spend my spare time as an advisor for NFP, Waves of Wellness.

Think Maven also runs workplace workshops and events across Australia and New Zealand on the topics Personal Leadership, Purpose & Personal Brand Strategy. 

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