Developing Leadership from the Inside-Out

Developing Leadership from the Inside-Out

Developing Leadership from the Inside-Out Developing Leadership from the Inside-Out Developing Leadership from the Inside-Out

Think Maven Methodology



Awareness of what you can't see. 

Discover what you're truly about, what you want to create & contribute to the world.


Connection to what you love. 

Discover & articulate your personal 'why' & access deeper levels of passion, purpose & potential. 


Your purpose in action. 

Confidence to take conscious action,  to make positive changes & communicate with the world through new habits & healthy practices.



Developmental 1:1 Coaching

Clients interested in Developmental Coaching with Frances are carefully selected as spaces are limited each quarter. 

This is a fast and transformative method designed to get to the core of your struggle and enhance your personal leadership from the inside-out. We coach both to and beyond  performance by identifying the personality structures and ‘blind spots’ getting in the way of you accessing your highest potential. 

Grounded in NLP, developmental models & patterns, we explore and identify your thinking patterns, personality structures, belief systems and session by session work on integrating these into your life to equip you with the tools and techniques necessary for lasting positive transformation. 


Training, Workshops + Events

The Think Maven team are available for corporate trainings, workshops, and events. Offering personal and professional leadership development + general wellbeing. All workshops include neuro-linguistic programming and developmental leadership models to help individuals and teams walk away with practical tools to help them lead from the ‘inside-out’. 

Frances is also an experienced keynote/speaker. For more information please contact. 


Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that can reduce pain, stress, anxiety or tension through a light, hands-on or 'virtual' healing approach. Appropriate for all ages, Reiki supports health and wellbeing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and is widely used to support conventional medical treatments. 


Gemma Ross, CEO Hustle & Bustle

Frances has a deep understanding of the pressures of entrepreneurship, as well as behaviours that get in the way of people and organisations realising their true potential. 

Her professional and warm approach to unlocking authentic leadership has been challenging, inspiring and ultimately one of the best things I have done for my career.

Olivia Hogan - PR Manager

If you are looking to grow, challenge and build on your understanding of yourself as both  a working professional and person, then you need to see Frances. I can say whole heartedly that it will change your life!

Michael Khouri, Entrepreneur

My sessions with Frances have been one of the best investments I have made this year. She has helped me to reprogram the way I view my life with an ‘anything is possible’ attitude. I look forward to continuing my work with her and unlocking my full potential.

Dwayne Roswell, CEO & Pro Athlete

It's not fluffy, it's just real. If you're ready to "own your shit" as Frances will say, then I highly recommend working with her. 

Frances Frey

In nut-shell, Frances helps leaders and organisations get clarity on what they're truly about and how to communicate their gift with the world.

A self-confessed ‘personal development junkie’ since the age of 16, Frances has spent the majority of her personal and professional life working with industry pioneers to advance her skills in the field personal and organisational development.

Following a decade-long award-winning career working with global technology disruptors, challenger brands and startups, such as Cisco, Optus, ANZ, Square, Twitter to name a few, Frances took her leadership into her own hands.

Today, Frances has the pleasure of working with clients to develop their leadership with Self first and foremost, and then how to authentically influence their organisation, the media, their community, and their industry at large.

Following formal Master NLP & Developmental coaching certification & Meta-Coach training, Frances practices as an Executive Developmental Coach and Brand Strategist based between Byron Bay, Bondi & Bali working with clients across Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Combining an integral approach that combines the psychology, science, and spiritualism of truly leading from the inside-out, Frances helps her clients move beyond the status quo, to access their leading edge in business and life.

Frances is incredibly passionate and dedicated in her commitment as a board director and communication advisor to mental health charity, Waves of Wellness. 

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Think Maven Services

  • Developmental Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Event/Guest Speaker 
  • Personal & Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Communications Consulting
  • Company Training & Development Programs